Shropshire Paranormal Investigations

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Will you come to investigate my property?

If a place is deemed to be interesting enough we will be happy to go there as many times as possible to gather as much information as we can.

How much do you charge for an investigation?

We do not charge anything for an investigation, we are a non-profit group whose only interest is in gathering evidence of the paranormal.  We will usually not pay anything to places that charge us to investigate either. If places have genuine activity going on they wouldn't need to charge for our services, we are very wary of places that do try this. However, we will sometimes donate small amounts from our own pockets for the upkeep of historical places and encourage all to do this.

Do you conduct seances?

In a word... No. From all of the research gathered over the centuries, we don't believe that a seance works to talk to a particular ghost or spirit. Not to say that these activities don't work, it's just that we base our research on scientific (measurable) data.


Do you involve mediums or psychics in your investigations?


We haven't worked with any at the moment, however it would be interesting to see if they add any extra energy or evidence to an investigation. Just like everything we do, their findings and methods would also be under investigation as well.


I want to join your group, how much do you charge for membership?


We don't charge anything but we do ask that members bring some equipment to the group or will help with the expense of new gear, it can be a costly thing to do and we'd only want people who are serious about doing this sort of thing. 

If you want to just hang around alleged haunted places to scare yourself or to muck about then we're not the group for you. We take this research seriously and each investigation is conducted in a professional manner. If you're seriously seeking answers and are open-minded then we may consider taking you on. Use the contact form to tell us who you are and why you are interested.


Do you allow members of the public to come and participate? 

No we don't, our investigations are (for want of a better word...) boring. Members of the public would soon get really bored and most of the time... nothing happens. It's not like you see on T.V. Investigations can take up to 6 hours, and in real-life we can't compress that into 45 minutes!


I have taken photographs with orbs on them, would you like to see them?

No thank you, we have plenty ourselves, they don't interest us in the slightest to be honest. 

Despite some objections from people that they are the "first stage of spirit manifestation" there's more proof that they are just airborne particles of some form or another (dust, lint, pollen etc), camera faults or light refraction etc etc. 

Your question not answered? please ask using our handy-dandy contact form.